We are taking the public health directives very seriously at LGOST, and we wanted to give you insight as to what we are doing. We want you to feel confident your safety and health is our utmost priority, so here is a list of some of the clinic cleaning procedures we have implemented for our staff:

LGOST Staff Clinic Procedure For COVID-19, Effective 3/23/20:

Entering the Clinic:

  1. Enter the building suite from the back staff break room entrance.
  2. Before entering, change clothes into scrub bottoms and LGOST Shirts provided in the plastic drawers in the area next to the stairway.
  3. Outside shoes are left outside underneath the staircase towards the back of the building
  4. Working staff change into New Balance work shoes or any pair of shoes you are ok with leaving at the clinic.
  5. Wash hands thoroughly per CDC procedures, don gloves, lab coats and masks.

Cleaning Procedures:

  1. Make sure tables and equipment are sprayed down with Sanizide after every patient.
  2. Wipe down waiting room chairs, door knobs and computer keyboards and mouse 3 times per day with Lysol disinfecting wipes.
  3. Patients accompanied by spouse, parent, etc. will be asked to wait in the common area waiting room between suites.
  4. Gloves must be changed out between touching patients and cleaning surfaces.
  5. Aides and Front desk staff can use the same gloves as long as the do not come in contact with patients
  6. Keurig coffee only used with single use cups and clean between use.

Exiting the Clinic (at the end of the day):

  1. Lab coats, scrubs must go into the washer. If you are bringing your own set of scrubs, you may leave those in the washer as well.
  2. Remove shoes and spray with lysol, leave in break room by the door in the marked area
  3. Lab coats and scrubs will be placed in the dryer at the end of the day.
  4. A staff member will stay behind to make sure lab coats and scrubs are folded neatly and put away in the plastic drawers.

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