If you’ve been wondering how to access your therapist to help guide you through those nagging aches and pains during quarantine, we have some info for you! Direct access allows you to see your physical therapist without the referral of a doctor, and even virtually through telehealth video visits! Join Jessica to learn more.

We are having a lot of success transitioning to telehealth video visits through direct access with our patients. If being quarantined and having your routine interrupted is affecting your health, well-being or just your sanity, we can guide you through this!

If you’re having some new (or old and nagging) aches and pains that are affecting your time with your family, your exercise routine and you don’t want to miss out OR take pain pills. We’re here for you!

We suggest requesting a telehealth appointment by calling our front office. If you have any questions or concerns please call 408-358-1460.

Schedule a Telehealth Visit!