If you haven’t seen it yet, surely you’ve heard about it. Tiger King is sweeping the nation and it’s become a literal “pain in the butt’ for quite a few of our patients! Our staff just binge watched it this past week. It’s like a train wreck, and we couldn’t turn away.

One of our patients (we will call him Bill) called us up last week after just binge-watching the entire Tiger King series. First, he wanted to let us know he was 100% sure “Carole definitely fed him to the tigers”. Second, sitting on his soft and unsupportive sofa was giving him back pain and now he was getting numbness into his leg.

He’s only 47 years old, but told me he felt like he was 90 years old just trying to get up off the couch. The numbness went all the way down to his foot and he said it felt like a burning pain with pins and needles for a few minutes until eventually it would go away. But now, it’s taking longer and longer to go away.

He tried looking at stretches on YouTube and sat on the heating pad for hours, but nothing seemed to help. If it did, it was just temporary and the pain came right back. He started popping Tylenol every few hours and told me how much he hates relying on those pills.

Bill said he just couldn’t take it anymore and was worried it was turning into something really serious. I told Bill not to worry, that it’s something we do see often AND that we could help him. Bill was concerned about leaving his house during this time and wasn’t sure if we could do anything for him since “there’s no way to do a chiropractic adjustment over the phone!”

Bill was correct about that part, but I let him know there are in fact a lot of ways we can help him over video. In fact, we could very likely get rid of that back and leg pain with a few simple exercises and stretches.

We got on a telehealth video call and I guided Bill through some different movements. Sure enough, we were able to pick out two things that were absolutely contributing to his discomfort.

The rest of our session involved guiding Bill through very specific stretches then following those up with some strengthening exercises and giving him homework to do. Bill noticed a MAJOR improvement in his discomfort and told me a few days later he was able to start on another binge-worthy TV show on Netflix, but this time without pain.

Maybe more importantly, he felt a lot more confident knowing that his pain wasn’t something serious, it was solvable and he knew exactly what the needed to do to prevent it from coming back.

We’ve had a lot of these stories lately as we’ve transitioned to doing telehealth video visits with our patients. If being quarantined and having your routine interrupted is affecting your health, well-being or just your sanity, we can guide you through this!

Please contact us if you’re having some new (or old and nagging) aches and pains that are affecting your time with your family, your exercise routine or getting those home improvement projects completed and you don’t want to rest OR take pain pills. We’re here for you!

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