Knee Pain Getting You Down and Ruining Your Shelter in Place?

I’ve noticed many gyms and trainers are offering live stream workouts over various platforms (in fact we might be offering some soon, so stay tuned!). I decided to try a HIIT and yoga class recently. I even convinced my spouse to do it with me. I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since we worked out with any sort of challenge, especially plyometrics or high intensity. Man. My knees were bugging.

And being stuck at home, I realized how challenging it must be for people to not only motivate to do your workouts but also manage the potential discomfort that comes from initiating a solid workout. Or maybe just from sitting too long at your computer. Or chasing after your kids as they request for yet another round of bubbles in the yard. Or maybe you have nagging pain that is just lingering.

If you find your knees ache every time you walk up and down the stairs…

If your knees feel sore every time you squat down…

If your recurring knee pain is affecting your ability to keep active and stay sane during this shelter in place, this video is for you.

We are having a lot of success transitioning to telehealth video visits! Video visits are a great platform to connect you with a therapist to discuss exercises that are specific to your needs.

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