The coronavirus pandemic demands that we as health care providers rethink how we deliver care in ways that reduce risk of further spreading infection. The California Physical Therapy Association and American Physical Therapy Association have pushed for legislation to expand access to telehealth services so that patients can receive a wider range of services from their providers without having to travel to a healthcare facility. This includes physical, occupational and speech therapy telehealth services provided by qualified health care professionals when rendered using interactive audio/video technology. State laws and regulations apply.

Save time by visiting our clinic from the comfort of your home, on your lunch break, or wherever you are without having to worry about traffic, parking, and the time required to carve out to get to the clinic.

For the duration of the current COVID-19 emergency declaration, consumers should be able to access medically necessary health care without physically visiting their provider in person, when clinically appropriate. In addition, increased telehealth will lessen the strain on the supply chain, reduce the need to utilize scarce stocks of provider personal protective equipment, and protect the ability of the health care workforce to provide care by limiting physical exposure to potential sources of infectious disease.

For the full notice re: telehealth during COVID-19 from the APTA please click here. Keep in mind that circumstances are constantly changing and this information is evolving with the changing circumstances.

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