What Most PTs Want to Know About Becoming Clinical Mastermind Clinician

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to participate in a Clinical Mastermind 2-day course. This course was intended to not only teach us new methods to implement in our clinic, but also strengthen the methods we already use.  I am pleased to say we learned a lot!

It was great to celebrate the things we already implement towards becoming a clinical mastermind. Here are our best tips for helping you to become a clinical mastermind:

  • Collaboration
    • We as a team discuss patient cases thoroughly and help each other with the rehabilitation process.
    • We bounce ideas off of one another to get another perspective.
    • We pride ourselves on having different backgrounds that can come together to help the patient achieve their goals.
  • Empowering our team members
    • We realize the strengths of each other and place our team members in roles that not only allow them to excel individually, but also allow the clinic to excel.
    • It is important to support each person in their role. No role is too small. Each helps the clinic run smoothly.
    • From patient care coordinator receiving the calls, to front desk greeting the patient, to the therapist treating, and billing/back office taking care of administrative work – all are very important in creating an extraordinary experience.
  • Being patient-centric
    • The patient’s goals are the focus of each treatment session with each session working towards those goals.
    • We always have the patient be an active participant in the planning of their sessions and home exercise program.
    • We are always ready to modify our plan based on how the patient is presenting that session.
  • Creating a warm, welcoming environment
    • We greet you with a smiling face, ask how your day is going, and want to show you we are about you, not just your pain/injury.
    • We strive to make the environment welcome from the minute you walk in.
    • We are a family and want you to feel a part of it.
  • Establishing trust with the patient
    • This is key for successful treatment sessions.
    • We understand that you are allowing us contact with your body and we want you trust us completely.
    • We always have your best interest at heart.
    • We encourage open dialogue so that you feel comfortable with our treatment.
  • Connecting with the patient on a personal level.
    • This helps guide our treatments to best suit your needs.
    • We want to understand your needs and incorporate those into each treatment session.

As a clinical mastermind, we are focused on the outcome from day 1 and our ultimate mission is to get you back to your functional goal!

The other part of the clinical mastermind weekend course, was being able to realize areas that we can strengthen further. It is always humbling to review these areas and begin to implement the changes needed to make them stronger. Here are two areas essential to becoming a clinical mastermind that we have made sure to improve:

  • Action plan
    • An action plan is a copy of the patient’s initial evaluation drafted by their therapist so the patient has something tangible to refer back to.
    • When the pandemic hit, this somehow got lost in translation. Our focus was being pulled in the directions of safety and effectively treating our patients during this time.
    • But, we are happy to say the action plan has been re-implemented and patients are enjoying having a form to refer back to regarding all the things measured and discussed on their first visit.
  • Power Hour
    • This was time dedicated to practicing clinical skills and teaching each other new treatment techniques.
    • Again the pandemic made us re-shift out focus on things that were needed more immediately. But now that we are established with proper safety procedures, we are happy to re-implement power hour.
    • We always strive to be ‘clinical masterminds’ and power hour definitely helps us toward that goal.

It was great to have a reminder from this clinical mastermind weekend course on areas we can strengthen.

As we strive as a business to become clinical masterminds, it’s important to note that the saying “nobody’s perfect” is so true. People make mistakes, but that allows them to learn and grow. We as a clinic believe in the power to learn and grow. We are so grateful for the clinical mastermind course and enjoy evolving as therapists and a clinic as a whole. Here’s to more growing and learning and achieving the title, Clinical Mastermind!