Virtual visits allow you to talk to and work with your therapist from home.

With Virtual Visits, you can seek care and treatment by phone or video from the comfort of your home for many conditions like knee pain, back pain, general strengthening, or work station set up while working from home. Whatever the case may be, you have access to us. You can request your visit 24/7, and we will get back to you about your appointment time.

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We are having a lot of success transitioning to telehealth video visits through direct access with our patients. If being quarantined and having your routine interrupted is affecting your health, well-being or just your sanity, we can guide you through this!

Click the link above or the button at the bottom of this post if you’re having some new (or old and nagging) aches and pains that are affecting your time or sanity. We’re here for you!

More questions about Virtual Visits?

How can I get started with a Virtual Visit?

What should I expect with a Virtual Visit?
You can choose to talk to a Physical Therapist by phone or video. Once you’ve requested your visit, we will receive the request and then we will contact you to confirm your time and how to prepare for your visit. When a therapist connects, he/she will listen, ask questions, and may be able to functionally diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and provide an exercise and treatment prescription.

Please note that a Virtual Visit Physical Therapist cannot make medical diagnoses but can answer questions about your pain, evaluate your movement and provide guidance about any possible next steps.

What are wait times like?
We are working to provide quality care and will connect with you as quickly as possible.

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